Migrate Data from Shopify to X-Cart

Migrate Data from Shopify to X-Cart

Available in Free, Business, Multivendor, Ultimate.
    Для версий X-Cart: 5.2.0.x - 5.3.6.x
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Migrate Data from Shopify to X-Cart
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Perform a super easy migration from Shopify to X-Cart within a few hours of time! Cart2Cart automated migration module will get all your data moved to X-Cart swiftly, accurately and 100% securely.

Shopify to X-Cart Migration module allows to establish a secure connection between your current stores needed to enable data transfer. Afterwards, you’ll get redirected to Cart2Cart website in order to pick the entities you’re willing to move and launch the full migration.

Why migrate from Shopify to X-Cart

X-Cart Shopify
Self-hosted and hosted solutions Hosted solution only
Wide range of features out of the box Additional modules needed
Full access to source code No access to source code
Highly and easily customizable Limited customization possibilities
Advanced multi-vendor functionality No multi-vendor functionality

How it works?

  1. Install the module and register at Cart2Cart, or login with your existing account.
  2. Let Cart2Cart upload Connecting Bridge to your X-Cart store automatically.
  3. After being redirected to Cart2Cart website, provide Shopify API Key and Password.
  4. Provide your X-Cart URL and click “Proceed to Next Step”. The Bridge is already uploaded.
  5. Сhoose the entities you’d like to move to X-Cart.
  6. Start with a free Demo and launch Full Migration. Done!

Cart2Cart guarantees the finest quality of data transfer from Shopify to your new X-Cart store.

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