Shipping Supplies by X-Cart

Shipping Supplies by X-Cart

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Shipping Supplies by X-Cart

Shipping Supplies by X-Cart works with a leading US manufacturer of shipping supplies. Their product line includes everything from Bubble Mailers and Eco-Tape to Kraft Paper Rolls and Clear Poly Bags.

Buying from this retailer of shipping supplies means you can save up to 35% since you are buying factory direct and skipping the middleman.

Here’s what you get using Shipping Supplies by X-Cart:

  • Free Shipping with no minimum order requirement: All orders get free shipping anywhere in the 48 lower states.
  • Fast Same Day Shipping: Order by 3pm Pacific time and the order ships same day.
  • Count on the top quality of products. All the items are manufactured in the US, which means higher quality than other imported brands might provide. Only eco-friendly materials are used for production. 
  • Custom Branded Options: Increase customer retention and loyalty to your brand! Shipping Supplies by X-Cart offers mailers, boxes, tape, and bags that can be customised with your company logo or message.
  • Bulk Saving Discounts: The more you order, the more you save with discounted pricing levels on everything offered.

Save on shipping supplies

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