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PureClarity Personalization

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About PureClarity

PureClarity, a X-Cart Partner, is the leading and award winning AI-based ecommerce personalization platform. PureClarity is proven to increase online revenue by 26% and online conversion by 71.5% and increase average order value by 16.5%*. This is through the provision of personalized real-time AI recommenders, personalized marketing campaigns and personalization within email and search providing online visitors a highly personalized and relevant online shopping experience.

Through its powerful real-time AI, PureClarity analyzes visitor behavior at three different levels to present highly targeted products, banners, promotions and offers relevant to each customer segment.

PureClarity pricing is based on the number of web impressions and stores that the website serves and charged monthly based on volume of impressions. Pricing is fully scalable and transparent. There are no set up fees and all features are included in the monthly fee. There is no long term contract required and a free trial is available to all businesses both B2B and B2C.

PureClarity Customers Will Benefit From The Following Features:

  • Personalized and fully customizable recommendations using advanced AI and Big Data
  • Personalized recommenders within search and on search results page based on the search term used
  • Intelligent AI recommender strategy which selects the most appropriate recommenders based on visitor behaviour, visitor profile knowledge and location on site
  • Ability to override the AI recommenders and build your own bespoke ones
  • A/B testing
  • Advanced customer segmentation platform
  • Targeted personalized campaigns showing relevant banners and promotions
  • Personalization within email
  • Full insights and opportunities analytics
  • Quick store integration
  • Fully customizable themes and features
  • Works for both B2C and B2B stores

Additional Benefits

  • Extremely competitive pricing structure based on the number of website impressions served. Price will scale accordingly month to month.
  • All features included in monthly cost
  • No set up fees
  • No long-term contract
  • Can work with any amount of data from day one with PureClarity cold start feature
  • Dedicated Onboarding and Support teams

Working directly with retailers, technology partners and ecommerce partners, PureClarity offers a great solution for advanced ecommerce personalization.

How PureClarity Works

PureClarity was founded  in 2014 for one purpose – to maximize sales for businesses who trade online. We found one mistake that almost every ecommerce business was committing – treating all customers as one.

The fact is that every customer is different and likes to shop in a different way has driven us to build a highly innovative technology platform that observes shoppers’ behavior online, creates personalized relevant experiences and helps B2B & B2C ecommerce businesses increase their revenue. 

PureClarity collects data at every level of the user journey to personalize online visitors experience in real-time. PureClarity's AI uses a full suite of hybrid algorithms including collaborative filtering, pattern mining and Machine Learning algorithms to determine which recommender to present based on any dataset. This means that the large amounts of data are analyzed to find the optimal cross-sells and upsells based on what customers have looked at, are looking at, previously bought, looking to buy right now and predicted to buy next. Recommendations are highly personalized, effectively changing in real time as the customer’s journey progresses. PureClarity’s software learns about visitors’ likes and dislikes as they interact with their store, ensuring that every product and promotion they see is personalized and highly relevant.

PureClarity gives ecommerce businesses the flexibility to run their personalization in two ways. If they’re time-poor, they can choose to focus on an AI heavy strategy, simply by placing PureClarity’s AI recommenders at key conversion points anywhere on their site including within search. Businesses can in addition, choose to enrich this with their own personalization, easily creating unlimited audience segments, personalized marketing campaigns, personalization within email and creating their own manual recommenders when needed to perhaps clear stock or build product awareness. Using both the automated AI and the enriched personalization toolset creates a truly personalized online shopping experience encouraging online conversion and customer loyalty.

Getting Started

For installation instructions and more details, check out our official extension guide.

Visit PureClarity

To learn more about how PureClarity works, see our customer case studies or request a demo to see PureClarity in action please visit www.pureclarity.com

*PureClarity client average results

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