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PureClarity Personalization

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PureClarity gives your X-Cart store and amazing advantage over your competition by providing:

  • Real-time personalised product recommendations
  • Personalised popups
  • Personalised content
  • Live chat
  • Powerful personalised emails
  • Personalised recommendations within search

Integrate in minutes – our plugin seamlessly links your store to PureClarity. Instantly start to increase your revenue by providing a highly personalised and engaging online shopping experience!

PureClarity includes a wide range of eCommerce personalisation and customer engagement features which ensure your customers online journey is personalised to them, maximising conversion and creating customer loyalty.

At the heart of PureClarity is its big data collection engine and machine learning algorithms that predict your website visitors’ likes of products, categories and brands based on similar users’ behaviour in real-time.

PureClarity analyses visitor behaviour on three different levels, the individual, the customer segment the individual belongs to and the website overall, presenting highly targeted, personalised real-time product recommendations, banners, promotions, pop-ups and live chat experiences. All PureClarity features are designed to maximise response, and ultimately to boost your bottom line.


  • Increase online revenue by 26.6%*
  • Increase sales conversions by 71.5%*
  • Increase average order value by 15.6%*

*Based on statistical averages of PureClarity clients.


Personalised content

Display different personalised banners, images & text to engage to each of your customer segments, turn them into buyers and incentivise returning customers.

Intelligent recommendations

Use powerful personalised recommendations to upsell and cross-sell products at the right time. Whether your webstore has very little or a lot of trading history our comprehensive recommender engine will learn what the best products are to display.

Personalisation within search

Help customers find what they’re looking for by displaying relevant products as they search.

Personalisation within email

Use personalised email campaigns to entice customers back based on products they’ve viewed and bought in the past. Integrate into your existing Email Service Provider (Mailchimp, Dotdigital and more).

Personalised pop-ups

Keep your customers informed of your latest products, news and offers with personalised email capture pop-ups and promo pop-ups. You decide who sees which pop-up when and where on your store.

Live chat

Use a combination of real-time information about the customers current behaviours so you can help them find exactly what they want via PureClaritys live chat.

Audience segmentation

Use pre-built and custom made conditions to create customer segments and target visitors using powerful, goal orientated marketing campaigns.

Insights & analytics

Gain deeper insights into visitor behaviour and learn via PureClaritys analytics platform how to maximise your web stores potential to increase revenue.


See screenshots below for a visually guide on how PureClarity increases your sales conversions and boosts revenue by providing personalised experiences for your visitors and customers.


  • Free to get started – why not Try For Free or Request a 1-1 Demo
  • Extremely competitive pricing structure based monthly page views for maximum ROI
  • All features included in the monthly cost
  • No set up fees
  • No developer required
  • No long-term contract
  • Access to PureClarity Academy
  • Dedicated onboarding and support teams


With PureClarity you can Try for Free for 30 days

  • Create engaging and personalised online shopping experiences for your customers
  • Get started straight away
  • Use of all PureClarity features
  • Comprehensive onboarding and full customer support
  • Access to PureClarity documentation and Academy
  • No credit card required, no contract


For details about how to get started with PureClarity on X-Cart, check out our official plugin guide.


Founded in 2014, PureClarity is an award-winning powerful eCommerce personalisation and customer engagement platform that offers merchants an easy-to-manage and affordable solution creating seamless and unique personalised online experiences.

Our range of features ensure that all retailers have the tools to hand to not only convert their customers via every touchpoint throughout their online journey but ensure they turn into loyal online customers.

Our global clients are in a wide range of industries including homeware, charities, sport and leisure, beauty, fashion and manufacturing. We support B2C as well as complex B2B clients.

We are passionate about customer success and have a dedicated team that knows each online retailer is unique. It is important that your business stands out from your competition and we regularly review how you can maximise PureClarity on your site.

Our eCommerce personalisation and customer engagement software serves stores running on X-Cart, as well as other platforms such as Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and bespoke integrations.

Learn more at www.pureclarity.com.

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