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RetailCRM - is a specialized CRM system for internet sales, allowing to automatize sales processes and customer service in optimized way. It significantly decreases waste of time, money and orders when working with eShop customers, increases its profitability and also provides detailed analytics for making right decisions.

RetailCRM can be easily integrated with any services and CMS latforms (>40 premade integrations, >500 API objects, >70 API methods, anything can be connected to the platform).

RetailCRM functional capabilities

  • Order processing automatization. Forget about hackwork, data duplication and order, document and report mess forever. retailCRM allows to organize order processing in such way, that everything can be done in time and without mistakes, not loosing information and customers being happy with result. Using retailCRM you reduce order processing time to 80%.
  •  Accept and work with orders from marketplaces, CMS, landing pages, CPA networks, mobile applications - everything in one window!
  •  Order lists. Watch how many orders came for a chosen period, from which customer and who is the responsible manager, in which status the order is, date of last change and many other.
  •  Order allocation among managers. Control your managers’ activity and define responsibility zones for each of them.
  •  Automatic status change in a definite time. If manager doesn’t complete action in time, the system gives him a signal about the fact that order exceeded time limit.
  •  Tasks and notifications. Automatic tasks according to your rules can be created.
  •  Everything for IP-telephony work. Listen calls directly from order, create automatic outgoing calls, set up email, sms or tasks on incoming calls.
  •  Product leftovers, stores and shipment. You can choose stores, track product movement betwen them, assign shipment.
  •  Dispatching status tracing


Almost any kind of triggered email, sms, task or external http request can be set up on retailCRM basis. Here are several examples of triggers you can make:

  • Customer talked to a manager - bought up - manager made a note in order - customer didn’t get an upsell email (as profitable sale for shop has been made)
  •  Customer visited the website - left an email - bought nothing - we got to know what items he looked most of time at - chose the most marginal of them - sent an email with an advantageous offer
  • A customer ordered a fit check at home - some of the sizes didn’t fit, items were cancelled - store gets the size needed -  customer gets notification that the item he is interested in is in stock.
  • Shop customers never buy the same item twice - all the emails get a condition in order not to offer products which he bought, only latest TOP items.
  • Somebody from regular customers stopped buying - he had more than 5 purchases - a notification is sent to his personal manager, that he needs to call and clarify if the shop can help him.
  • Customer’s got XXX $ left to get a new loyalty status - he’s being sent an email, where his most viewed goods are offered with price needed to reach new loyalty level.



Due to two-side integration of retailCRM and Google/Universal Analytics you are able to see the behaviour of each customer on your website: when the visit on the web side was made, how long and deep it was, ad source and channel, viewed pages, actions made and etc.

Besides there are all necessaryreports for e-commerce:

  • Purchase funnel in view of managers in the light of Google Analytics aims

  • How many regular and how many new customers made purchases

  • What customer LTV is in general and on a concrete shop/traffic source

  • How much you have earned in the light of delivery prime cost in the last day/week/month.

  • How often his customers buy and how fast they germinate from purchase to the moment of visiting the website.

  • How much time passes from the moment of cutomer coming to the website till the moment of first purchase.

  • Complete product analytics - how many products are sold, how many of them returned, how much you have earned from each article.

  •  Possibility to create any report on any numeral parameters present in the system



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