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All merchants know the pain of a transaction gone wrong, be it from chargebacks, friendly fraud, stolen accounts, or worse; the sting of fraud is a shared pain.

While there is no silver bullet to prevent all bad actors, tools like are there to help you maximize your sales and reduce your fraud.

How does Validation help maximize sales?

There are many credit card processors and other fraud prevention tools which offer services to flag high risk transactions, but then what? Typically if a customer scores too low the order and customer are rejected, this is a great first step against reducing fraud, but it comes at the cost of false positives and negative customer experience. 

This is where can assist you retain sales and save customer relationships. 

By asking customers who are making high risk products to submit supporting documents like a selfie and their ID, you will have additional points of evidence to complete the customer story and to understand if the customer is indeed valid or not, approved sales which would have otherwise been rejected helps to maximize revenue.


How does reduce fraud?

Validation works to prevent bad actors impacting your business in two ways. Our core service allows you to ask customers for documents and then allows you to review them, but Validation also a very strong deterrent. 

When making a purchase, submitting documents online is as old as commerce. Customers today are comfortable submitting documents online, however, bad actors are very rarely comfortable committing a crime on camera. By simply engaging with your customer and asking them to take less than a minute to submit supporting documents, you will prevent a significant amount of fraud.

The submissions which are completed are more often than not valid submissions and bad actors tend to stand out and are easily spotted by your team without needing any special training.


GDPR compliant & Human powered

With concerns about facial recognition and AI heavy on the minds of the public, you can rest assured that is a non-AI powered service. All submission reviews and decisions are made by the merchant themselves, supported by our technology. You are always the decision maker. is also GDPR compliant, data of European partners is hosted in the EU and strict controls and tools are in place to allow for merchant compliance. 

A copy of our Data Processing agreement may be found here: 

A copy of our Privacy Policy may be found here: 


3 levels of security available

Starter: $19/m  -  Single merchant login - 20 Submission Links

Business: $99/m  -  5 merchant logins - 200 Submission Links

Enterprise: From $499/m  -  20 merchant logins - 2,000 Submission Links

For Enterprise or higher usage, please contact us:

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