QuickBooks Online Connector

QuickBooks Online Connector

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QuickBooks Online Connector
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Why use XCartTQBOnline?
  •  To automate your accounting for sales in eCommerce system
  •  Save time and money in manual data entry. It also increases quality of data as it is automated
  •  One can focus on the core business rather than spending time in manual data entry  
  •  It connects your X-Cart and QuickBooks Online.
  •  It can sync all your Sales Orders along with the related customers and products to QuickBooks Online.
Key Features
  •  Schedule the Sync once and Enjoy the benefits every single day. 
  •  Sync Sales Orders(+related Products,Customers) from your X-Cart into QuickBooks Online autoMagically
  • Please note : The X-Cart To QuickBooks Online connector does not support the Configurable Products.

This connector will help you in automating your accounting process. It creates customers, products and orders from eCommerce systems into your accounting system. 

You can try this connector by clicking on the following page. 

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  • Sep 24, 2022, 00:36
    Can't use the connector at all. Won't connect to Quickbooks online and the guide and video are from 2017.