zipPay for X-Cart 4

zipPay for X-Cart 4

Enable your customers to get a digital wallet with up to $1000 to spend at your X-Cart store!
  • $399.00
    Compatible: 4.0.x - 4.7.x
1 year of free upgrades
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zipPay for X-Cart 4
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So lets look at the reasons why zipPay is so beneficial to both you, the X-Cart store owner, and your customer!


zipPay gives Australia's leading retailers the power to increase sales by issuing customers with a new shopping account to transact at the places they know and love.


zipPay have generated over $100m in sales (and growing!) for their partners/merchants

If you're searching for a payment solution to increase average order value and repeat transactions, zipPay can help your business make it happen.




Why have your shoppers pay the old way when they can have access to a new digital wallet and up to $1000 to shop at your X-Cart store! 

Your customers have the convenience of "buy now, pay later" with no interest on purchases!



So what have you got to loose? 
And how many more sales and customers could you gain?

If you haven't already got an zipPay merchant account (needed for the zipPay integration into your store), we request that you organise that with zipPay first so that you have all the credentials required to enable zipPay once its installed to your X-Cart store.

MODULE INSTALLATION INFORMATION (for both X-Cart 4 and X-Cart 5 installations)

As part of your purchase, you can have the module installed by us at no extra charge, including the option for you to make any minor adjustments if required based on any custom design your X-Cart store may have applied. If this is of interest, please contact Just X-Cart Australia on We look forward to assisting you. Alternately, you can use the auto-installation process offered in X-Cart 5 or follow the installations instructions in the README.txt file supplied in the X-Cart 4 installation pack.

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