Moneris (eSELECTplus- Hosted Pay Page)

Moneris (eSELECTplus- Hosted Pay Page)

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Moneris (eSELECTplus- Hosted Pay Page)
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Accept credit cards via an online transaction processing engine. USA and Canada

The Hosted Pay Page was designed as a solution for those merchants that do not wish to handle credit card information - the customer is redirected to a secure payment page, hosted by eSelect Plus, to pay for the order.

Key Features

  • Good for countries: USA and Canada

  • Supported transaction types: Purchase and Preauthorization*

  • Card Types Supported: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Sears, Discover, Interac Online

  • Since you do not even touch the sensitive CC info, this integration is out of scope of PCI compliance requirements

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