Acumatica ERP Integration by Kosmos eSync

Acumatica ERP Integration by Kosmos eSync

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Acumatica ERP Integration by Kosmos eSync
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Connect your X-Cart store and Acumatica ERP to sell on more channels and manage your business more efficiently.

Sell more products in more places
Automatically list products from Acumatica ERP in online stores powered by X-Cart, or list items from Acumatica ERP in eBay and Amazon using marketplace tools.

Automate inventory workflows
Sync inventory to prevent stock outs, save time and avoid overselling. As items are sold and received inventory levels are automatically updated in X-Cart and Acumatica ERP to keep your stock levels accurate.

Manage product lists in one location
Manage product information from X-Cart and your ERP system in one place. Edit product details, prices and inventory levels in Acumatica ERP, and product listings are automatically updated in your X-Cart store.

Automate fulfillment processes
Sync orders to save time, reduce costs and prevent errors. As orders are placed in X-Cart, order details can be automatically transferred to Acumatica ERP to support high volume sales and help accurately fulfill orders.

Lookup nearby inventory
Display inventory from your physical store or warehouse in X-Cart. Better serve online customers by showing what items are available in nearby stores.

Support local pickup for online orders
Give customers the convenience to buy online and pickup orders at a nearby location. As orders are placed online, eSync can automatically send order details from X-Cart to your physical stores and warehouses.

Get started today
Try eSync FREE for 14 days. To schedule a demo call 1-888-256-7667.

*The connection to X-Cart is free.
There is an additional service charge to integrate data with Acumatica ERP.

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