Add to Cart Popup

Add to Cart Popup

Available in Free, Business, Multivendor, Ultimate.
    Compatible: 5.0.0.x - 5.5.1.x
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Author: X-Cart team
Installations: 30865
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The add-on displays a popup showing what has just been added to the shopping cart and offering a list of "You may also like" product recommendations when a customer clicks the "Buy now"/ "Add to cart" button or when they add the item to cart drag 'n' dropping it. From the popup, your customers can add a recommended product to the shopping cart, proceed directly to checkout, continue shopping or go to the shopping cart page.

Key Features

  • Improve shopping experience 

    Display the add-to-cart action confirmation where it cannot go unnoticed by the customer - in a popup, right before the customer's eyes, which gives the customer assurance that everything is going the right way.

  • Optimize your store website for higher conversion rates 

    Your customers can proceed to checkout directly from the popup. They also have the option to continue shopping by clicking the Continue shopping button - or get interested in the products it recommends, and either add it to cart or view the product details page.

  • Display product recommendations 

    An effective Up-selling and Cross-selling tool, displaying 3 recommended products.

  •  Define which products to recommend

    "Add to Cart Popup" add-on can be configured to display related products ( "Related Products" add-on is required), or random products, or bestsellers, or combining these groups.

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Score: 4.5 (votes: 272)
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  • Apr 17, 2020, 01:07
    I wanted this to add a note to customers ordering - to check delivery access etc (product specific reminders) but it doesnt do that. It literally does EXACTLY what they say & no more, so has very limited use.