Advanced Customer Reviews

Advanced Customer Reviews

  • $99.00
Included in GoldPlus, Platinum.
    Compatible: 4.1.x - 4.7.x
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Author: Qualiteam
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Advanced Customer Reviews
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Improve the quality of customer reviews with this add-on which requires a written review as well as a ranking, and can be set up to allow reviews only for customers who are verified product owners.

Encourage more customers to write reviews, sending an email reminder in several days after purchase with a coupon inside!

The X Factor: What Makes this Add-on Great

There is a documented link showing the impact of customer feedback on sales. By enhancing the value of customer reviews on your site, you can boost your reputation – and your sales.

Key Features

  • Automatic Review Reminder
    In several days after purchase, an automatic email (by Cron) will be sent to a customer with a request to write a review
  • Coupons to encourage more reviews
    The store can be configured to send a coupon to the customer, once the review is posted or approved by the administrator ( depending on the store settings).
  • Control review status.
    Approved/Pending/Rejected statuses for reviews plus ability to set the initial status.
  • Detailed content.
    "Advantages" and "Disadvantages" blocks as well as "Was the above review useful to you?" feature.
  • Convenient access.
    "Read all reviews" page allows customers to quickly access all approved product reviews.
  • Prominent display tools.
    A sidebar shows the most recent, most useful or random reviews and an AJAX popup shares detailed product rating information.
  • Easy to manage.
    Receive an email notification anytime a review is posted and use "Customer Reviews" page to search and manage reviews.
  • Reminders.
    You can specify your desired timeframe to send a "Post your review" email reminder for buyers after an order is completed.
  • Google snippets.
    If a product has rating, it will be shown in google search results.
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