Amazon Feeds

Amazon Feeds

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Get Your Store Equipped For New Boosted Sales in 2019
    Compatible: 5.2.0.x - 5.3.6.x
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Author: Qualiteam
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Amazon Feeds
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Start selling on Amazon in a few minutes and with little effort with this module, which helps to easily export your product details (name, SKU, type, description), inventory, images and pricing from your X-Cart store to Amazon.

To have products exported you just need to assign Amazon product type on the products’ details pages and then submit feeds. Flexible module settings allow the store administrator to choose which information should be exported.


Why use Amazon as an additional sales channel?

  • Gain new sales and loyal customers
    In the U.S. alone, Amazon has over 150 million unique visitors monthly. Customers know and trust it. This is where they will buy your products if they don't know about your store yet;
  • Let Amazon fulfill your orders for you
    Amazon can pick, pack, and ship your products and take care of customer service and returns for you;
  • Promote and grow your business
    Amazon has already taken care of various marketing tools to help you promote your products and increase sales.

The add-on does not sync orders details via X-Cart and Amazon store. 

Check out our guide to find out how to sell on Amazon the right way.

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  • Tim Wheeler
    May 17, 2018, 11:15
    Disappointed with this expensive module. Should be FREE or no more then $19.95. Here's why:
    a. No "How too" guide to set this up,
    b. X-cart support have no idea either and tell you to contact amazon support,
    c. If your products have Variants then forget it. Your not able to submit a feed for any of these products,
    d. Your images need to be minimum 1000px x 500px or 1000px x 1000px max. Jpg preferred. So if you've spent hours on your images here in x-cart and they are smaller then the required size or say png format then you need to start again.

    Whats seems like an effortless sync between your x-cart and amazon store is nothing but. I have added products via amazon seller console as there are loads of fields that need to be filled in and required in the amazon seller console.

    Some of theses key points and simple 3 step set up should be on the modules page or in the to read prior to purchasing.

    Oh and here is a simple step by step to set up this module in your x-cart admin:
    1. Open a seller account
    2. Add a developer to your seller account then authorise this developer.
    3. Copy and past your Merchant Token, AWS access code and secret code from this authorisation to the Amazon Feeds Module in your x-cart admin.