AntiSpam [DEPRECATED] (not supported)

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Author: Qualiteam
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This module is no longer supported, but don't worry! Just contact us, and we'll arrange an alternative.

This add-on uses the outdated Google reCAPTCHA API v1.0 and is replaced by the new Google reCAPTCHA add-on. Although Google no longer provide access to API v1.0 to new users, you may continue using this add-on provided you have working access keys created in past.

This add-on uses several methods of preventing SPAM bots from completing forms on your website and creating fake user accounts.

The supported validation methods are:

  • Honeypot field.

    The add-on adds a hidden field which legitime users will never complete, but SPAM bots will try to fill in.

  • Form signature.

    AntiSpam add-on signs every protected form with a unique number. So, bots cannot mass-submit the forms without reloading the actual page contents.

  • Submission delay check.

    No one can complete the registration or the contact form faster than in a few seconds. If that is the case, the visitor is likely a SPAM bot.


    AntiSpam add-on integrates with the free reCAPTCHA service offered by Google, but uses it only as the last line of defence. Honeypot, form signature and the delay check methods are less intrusive and do not "punish" your customers. That's why reCAPTCHA appears only if one of the aforementioned validations failed, and we have a reason to suspect that it's a bot, not a human being.

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  • Sep 12, 2016, 08:39
    After installing this, all spam stopped - it works well.