Auction in X-Cart 5

Auction in X-Cart 5

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Auction in X-Cart 5
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Want your own eBay? - This solution is for you. With this add-on you will turn your store into the auction with a nice and smooth design. Set the initial price, duration and the minimum bid increment. Monitor each lot, change auction parameters on-the-fly if needed.


Enable the Classic Auction (also known as English Auction):

  • Starting price is set by the seller and is normally lower than the market price .
  • The auction participants bid openly, with each next bid being higher than a previous one,and with the minimum bid increment being no less than the value defined by the administrator.
  • The auction duration is defined by the seller.
  • A buyer who sets the highest bidding price by the end of auction, wins and has the right to obtain the product at the offered price.

Key features

  • Simple settings

    Just three options in the admin side.

  • Seamless design

    Add-on is compatible with all themes from "Theme tweaker" and easily builds-in to any skin.

  • Full control

    Seller can control any auction product on any point of auction duration: price, availability, options, duration.

Other Auction types are possible

Need a Dutch or a Japanese auction, a Blind one, a Vickrey auction or any other variation? We're happy to modify this add-on to match your business requirements. Request a quote


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Score: 4.2 (votes: 33)
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  • Feb 7, 2022, 08:43
    This auction module is poorly designed and over priced.
    You can only offer lot prices and can not display a price per each item which is important in the b2b industry.
    There was an original error with the percentage reading improperly from the beginning and now they intend to charge me to fix their mistake.
    For the overall value this add on offers I say it's double the price of what it should be.