Booking (Base)

Booking (Base)

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Booking (Base)
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This is an extension to set up a booking website and handle online rentals/reservations from your customers.

Available translations: English, Russian.

Key Features

  • Bookable catalog items.

    Enabling the booking feature for a product turns that product into a bookable catalog item that customers should specify the check-in and the check-out dates for when making a reservation. The total reservation price is calculated from the number of nights in the selected booking period.

  • Booking variants.

    For each product you can configure variants that customers will be able to choose from when making a reservation on the product page. Also you can choose two special product attributes that will appear in the list of available variants as the room type (the name of the variant) and the maximum number of guests that is possible for that variant.

  • Reservation tracking.

    The add-on uses the "stock level" setting as the maximum number of reservations that can be made for a bookable product at once. If a product is sold out in the selected booking period it suggests the customer to choose different check-in and check-out dates. For products with variants the add-on tracks the number of reservations per variant and hides sold-out variants from the list.

  • Mobile-friendly.

    The add-on uses responsive design techniques to display available booking variants on tablets and other mobile devices without scroll bars.


    2 hours of configuration and adaptation included


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