Special Offers: Buy X Get Y

Special Offers: Buy X Get Y

  • $99.00
Included in Ultimate, Platform, Marketplace, Auto, Enterprise.
    Compatible: 5.2.0.x - 5.5.1.x
1 year of free upgrades
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Author: Qualiteam
Installations: 2227
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Special Offers: Buy X Get Y
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With this add-on you can encourage your customers to buy more items, and thus boost your sales. Create promotions like "Each 2nd shirt at the half price", "Buy 5 books and get $5 off on the cheapest one", "Get every 3rd product for free" and more.

The add-on allows you to run many promotions at the same time, or configure dates when special offers should be available. Also you can choose which promotions can be, or may not be combined with other special offers.

There is another add-on that adds a different type of special offers - Spend X Get Y.

Key Features

  • Buy X Get Y promotions

    The add-on allows you to create special offers where customers need to buy N items from specified categories to get a discount on M of them (the cheapest ones). The discount can be a fixed amount or a percentage. Set the discount to 100%, and customers will get the items for free.

  • Special offer restrictions

    You can restrict promotions to specific categories and/or membership levels. Also, you can configure dates when a special offer should be available.

  • Special offer exclusions

    The ability to set the order in which special offers should apply to the cart and configure which promotions may not be combined with the other ones will be very helpful if you choose to run multiple promotions at the same time.

  • Site-wide promotions

    The add-on adds a dedicated page that lists all the available promotions. Also, you can configure information about special offers to appear on the home page and/or on category pages.

Note: The add-on requires the free "Special Offers (base)" add-on for its operation. Please install the free base add-on before installing the add-on "Buy X Get Y".

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  • Jun 20, 2020, 02:14
    The app works great, and it has a feature which stops people from trying to redeem more than one Buy X Get Y offer at a time ... but... if someone has a Coupon Code, they can apply the Coupon on top of the Buy X Get Y offer. Based on this, I can't offer a Buy X Get Y promotion when I already have active Coupon Codes, because people can 'double dip'.