Colorset creator

Colorset creator

Useful for an online store with goods in different colors. It will help to create links between product cards by color. Will increase the number of pages in Google. Improves SEO.
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    Compatible: 5.4.0.x - 5.4.1.x
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Author: Kinvasoft
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Split one product with different colors (attributes) into several separate product pages.

Use cases:

  • Set up links between product cards by color
    In the application settings, select the attribute - color. Add a link between different product cards that differ only in color.

  • Increase the number of pages in the search results
    Create a separate set of cards of the same product that differ in color only

  • Increase the probability of visiting your site from the search results by N times
    Split one product card with different colors by the number of colors in the product, so there will be more pages to show in the search engine (Google)

  • Improving the usability of the goods card
    Add links to mini photos of different product variants in different colors. So the buyer will easily find the product in the right color for him

  • Improve the behavioral ranking factors of the online store
    Choosing the right color, the buyer will visit several product cards, this will increase the buyer's behavioral indicators

  • Separate the product cards by different attributes
    Enable the functionality of switching between products: by photo, by color, by the structure of the material, by the drawing of the product. The enabled attribute will be valid for all products selected for linking


For a better ranking of product pages and to avoid SEO issues, we strongly advise making product descriptions unique for each page so that the search engine does not take these pages for duplicates of each other (and, accordingly, does not exclude them from the search results).

Below we give you the list of lines on the product page in the admin panel, where the texts should differ:

  • Product name or Product page title
  • Description
  • Full description or Meta description (If you configure it different from the general-basic description)
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