Feedonomics Product Feed Management

Feedonomics Product Feed Management

eCommerce Shopping & Product Feed Management - - product feeds to Google Shopping, Facebook, Amazon, and many more
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Feedonomics Product Feed Management
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Feedonomics focuses on what matters most to sellers – creating the highest chance of success in listing and selling their products online, by converting raw feeds into highly optimized feeds. It supports all major search engines, shopping platforms, and marketplaces in the industry. Feedonomics serves some of most prolific advertising agencies, brands, and retailers in the world. Managing millions of products for large & small companies.

Feedonomics integrates with X-Cart to provide a holistic product feed optimization & syndication solution. You can easily export and optimize your X-Cart product feed to channels like Google Shopping, Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, Amazon, and dozens more.

Feedonomics has powerful automation tools that allow users to query which products adhere to best practices (e.g., title contains color and size), check for broken links and images, filter out poor performing products to maximize profitability, and classify products before automatically mapping them to numerous channels with unique categories. It even has API's that bring in SKU level performance data (e.g., clicks, conversions, CPA) from all the major shopping channels. This allows for the creation of custom labels for automating performance-based bid segmentation.

We do all of this heavy lifting so that users don't have to and receive unlimited service and support including all feed set-up and maintenance related issues.

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