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Author: Vladimir Serov
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Give your customers the ability to purchase gift cards for their friends! Tangible or virtual  gift card, pre-defined or open amount, auto-generated card codes or pre-defined ones , with shipping charge for a tangible card or without it - the add-on is so flexible to match your business model! Administrators can view, create or update gift cards in the store back end and add pre-defined codes for tangible gift cards. Customers can add a greeting message, preview the email and select the date  when the virtual card is to be sent. They can also check the card balance, and of course, pay the difference, if their shopping cart subtotal exceeds the credit available.

Key Features

  • Tangible or virtual

    You can sell tangible, or virtual, or both types of Gift Cards.

  • With open or pre-defined amount

    Admin can specify the range or pre-define the amount, and the customer will be able either to enter the value he likes or to select from the list of available ones.

  • Pre-define or autogenerate codes

    Depending on the business model, the admin can use pre-defined or automatically generated codes for the gift cards.

  • Shipping cost for tangible card

    Charge for shipping or not - it's up to you. But you do have a tool, of you decide to.

  • Gift Certificates management by Administrator

    Administrators can view, create or update gift cards.

  •  Bells and whistles for those Customers who prefer to send a virtual card

    Email preview and postponed delivery - ability to check the email and make sure it arrives just on time!

  • Convenience for a happy Recipient

    Your customers are not obliged to spend all the amount available in a single order. They can place a series of smaller orders - and pay the difference if the balance is not enough to cover the full order cost. The owner of a gift card can also check the balance easy and at any time.

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  • Jan 2, 2022, 23:43
    Works excellent. At first, it worked, then it quit within 2 days or so. Tech teams from both X-Cart and the creator worked quickly to make things smooth. Currently it is great at 30 days in and makes giving gift certificates to people easy as can be by email. Also works for giving in store credit to others as needed.
  • Jul 21, 2017, 17:55
    The setup is very easy. It gives an option to sell future sales. Plus as an admin you can print money. Sending someone a $20 certificate is a better incentive to spend that offering a discount. It seems to be money in the hand instead of just a discount.