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Google Pay™️ is a digital wallet service that is available for devices that run on Android and support NFC (near-field communication), AKA contactless payments – phones, tablets, and even watches. 

A valid X-Payments plan is required to start using Google Pay with X-Cart. Contact our Customer Success team to enable Google Pay.

The benefits of having Google Pay as a payment method on your website. 

  1. An instant increase in conversions due to the widespread use of Android devices and the simplicity of checkout. 

  2. A boost to global sales since billions of people use Google services all over the world. 

  3. Simple installation and connection. You can start accepting payments with Google Pay in less than a week. 

  4. Zero commissions. Google Pay doesn't charge you or your customers any transaction fees. 

  5. Several layers of security. Google takes your security very seriously and ensures that your and your customers' data is safe and is only used for transactions. An advanced mechanism is used to cipher the card data and pass only a unique token. 

  6. Payments made via Google Pay are less likely to be declined by the payment processor due to the advanced technology behind the app. 

Additionally, Google Pay offers loyalty programs to your clients AND allows you to offer your own loyalty program, gift certificates, and coupons.  

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