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This module is no longer supported, but don't worry! Just contact us, and we'll arrange an alternative.

If you work with X-Cart, sooner or later you will end up needing multiple stores. One instance of the X-Cart software can enable you to start multiple websites or store views that use different:

  • Domain names
  • Categories
  • Products
  1. Multistore / Multisites add-on for admin:

    1. Multistore / Multisites management: The admin will be able to manage the sites (site name, domain URL, phone no, emails, address). He can enable/disable the websites
    2. Products: The admin will be able to manage the products per site basis. Product title, product meta title, meta keywords, meta description, product price, product options, product variants
    3. Categories: The admin will be able to manage the categories per site basis. Category title, meta title, meta keywords, meta description, category description
    4. Filters: The admin can manage filters per site that's displayed at categories page
    5. Orders: The admin will be able to see from which site the orders are placed from
    6. Static pages: The admin will be able to give different contents and title for static pages and map it to which sites it have to be appeared
    7. Discounts / Offers per site: The admin can define which site the discount can be valid and used for.
    8. Featured products & Banners: The admin can manage the banners per site and featured products that are displayed in the website home page per site.
  1. Customer end:

The customer end will be individual sites powered by HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS based to meet the performance. If the client wants 10 client websites, we need to install 10 instances. The products, categories, static pages are loaded and controlled from the main admin panel.

  1. Home page: Featured products, Banners
  2. Product page: Description, detailed images, price, product options
  3. Category: the category page with filters, sorting feature (By name, By Price) are available
  4. Refine Filters: The filters and filter values mapped with the products will be used to filter the results in category page.
  5. SEO:
    1. Product, Category SEO friendly URLs
    2. Sitemap per site
    3. Google analytics per site
  6. Responsive theme for customer app: The customer theme will be completely responsive that is compatible in mobile, desktop devices

The cart & checkout pages are powered by the main website. The users will be redirected when they click "add an item to the cart" button at product details page.

Please send an email to for live sites references and more details.


Q1: Should i purchase multiple X-Cart licenses? Answer: No. You do not need to purchase multiple X-Cart licenses as per X-Cart licensing policy since the storefronts are developed using AngularJS/API separately. The storefront is connected to main X-Cart store/setup. 

1. For cases when one X-Cart shop is used and multiple AngularJS storefronts are attached to it - no need for a separate license for every storefront.
2. When storefronts are attached to different X-Cart copies/shops - multiple X-Cart licenses are needed for every deployed X-Cart shop.

Q2: Can I host it in sub-domains? Answer: Yes. You can host the child/secondary shops in sub domains or new domains like

Q3: Can we have the feature of cart and checkout at secondary/child sites? Answer: Yes. Please order the option “Own cart and checkout at secondary shops” while ordering the add-on. This will cost 125$ additionally. Note that you need to buy X-Cart license for each sites in this case.

Q4: Do we support any customization further if you have any additional requirements? Answer: Yes. We know that the current add-on does at basic level. Streamlining your bankend operations and make it efficient, many small things matters a lot. Please feel free to contact us at for any assistance.

Q5: How much it will cost to change the customer end design per site?Answer: Please share your design expectations. We will do it at very small fee. Please feel free to contact us at for any assistance.

Q6: Free Installation?Answer: Yes. We offer free installation services for this add-on. Please drop an email to with your order number. Our support team will do it for you.

Q7: Can i see the demo?Answer: Yes. Please send your contact details to We can share you the demo credentials.

Our Multisite client application connects between Main website admin panel and works independently.


  1. Hosting for all web sites (Domains) should remain in the same server
  2. X-Cart 5.3.x minimum
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