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Full Service Fraud Prevention Solution
    Compatible: 4.0.x - 5.3.x
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NoFraud via X-Payments
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This built-in X-Payments module gives you direct access to manage the X-Payments settings for NoFraud in your X-Cart admin. When installing this extension, you will have the ability to manage your NoFraud settings without the need to navigate out of the X-Cart platform.

What is NoFraud?

NoFraud is a fully automated eCommerce fraud prevention solution. We deliver individual, real-time decisions for each transaction using thousands of data points and every fraud detection technology available. NoFraud has successfully reduced fraud for its customers to below 0.01% of transactions, and virtually eliminates false positives with live cardholder verification. With NoFraud, you can truly forget fraud and improve your bottom line:

  • Reduce fraud almost entirely
  • Abolish Manual Review for good
  • Accept more orders

Key Features

  • Easy Setup - NoFraud is already integrated into X-Payments

  • Reduce Fraud to below 0.1% - Our average current customers' rate of fraud is below 0.01%, due to our intelligent technology and dedicated staff who keep up to date with the complex, ever-evolving face of fraud.

  • False positive rate below 0.2% - NoFraud is as focused on approving transactions as it is on identifying fraudulent transactions. Our experts are constantly monitoring transactions to ensure no order is overlooked.

  • Zero Manual review - No rules or risk thresholds to manage or manually reviewing orders before processing. Manual Review delays orders and requires that you be a detective and fraud prevention expert. Focus on growing your business and leave catching fraudsters up to NoFraud.

  • No commitments - $0 setup fee, no term commitments, no monthly minimums, low per-transaction billing

  • Optional Chargeback Protection - Turn your Chargeback Protection on and off as you see fit, allowing for the optimal savings.

Learn more about NoFraud

*Contact NoFraud about a free 30 days trial. Please contact info@nofraud.com or 888-773-3669.

Average rating:
Score: 5.0. Votes: 1
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"We haven’t had a single, solitary charge-back since partnering with NoFraud. And...our false positives have been greatly reduced."


Director eCommerce - Ambush Board Co.


 "For the first time in my long career, I can actually focus more on customer experience than fraudulent payment detection."


COO - Certified Watch Store


"Integrating was a snap, the support is phenomenal and we did not have a single fraudulent order since we started! If you're accepting credit card payments online you can’t afford not to get NoFraud."


Swiss Gear

NoFraud Cutting Edge Technology: A Fusion of Machine Learning & Human Intelligence

NoFraud employs every known technology, producing the most precise fraud detection algorithms. Our system learns and improves as often as fraud does via a combination of machine learning and human intelligence. NoFraud is so effective, our customers often forget fraud exists. Below is some of the fraud prevention technology we leverage (descriptions underneath image):

NoFraud Technology


5technologies 4e1d09330e7cc284fc1c0b4aa0aac406ee23652c408f22cbc0a9c6cbdd9b5d06
Device Fingerprinting
NoFraud uses device fingerprinting to gain baseline information about the customer
8technologies 915dd44ece0789a2cdd6b763ddd20ef221c8334d2e1a0f83b5e4f962d6b4c20f
IP Geolocation
IP Geolocation allows NoFraud to compare the device location to the billing or shipping address
4technologies cab39b7338fcb8a9439085b140f1628d3e7d19fb8df65c9557a31128fa379d80
Proxy Piercing
Proxy piercing detects if the customer is actually where he or she claims to be
10technologies e565db10e9069cd73a9507fe2a845a23ec15bd46770af31fd50f9dee77ac8f08
Intelligent Monitoring
Monitors future transactions to retroactively flag past transactions as fraudulent when new data becomes available
7technologies 34dbdcc8d712bb708bc2e138a7e35300bcc555090c884f2c64bd072103a36263
Velocity Detection
Monitors transaction velocity to identify risk through related transactions in close succession
12technologies 790cdef121e6a9e780255fb7cbfe781ffc0b6d1ab5e4524718ddbff0ec70c52d
Persona Tracking
Persona tracking identifies order characteristics and customer behavior to establish risk
13technologies 497e026cd797138d7d8b5cfd183c63b2585a8cfda29421134a6a3f8cd40995db
Verify Identity
Pulls data from social media databases to verify identity
2technologies d839454b5672a843d7bb8afed557d329cf5930e8f0d0350ab19aa594371991af
Cross Reference
NoFraud accesses bank identification numbers to cross-reference banks' information on a customer's location
6technologies 826a2e95a32d17b04c5ed37a14de2e0ef7322772563cb47db2bae592107eaeb9
Black Lists
Utilizes global and merchant-specific black lists to cross-reference transactions
9technologies 5f31043392b21a781cc571a59345a4b4ce5200f0b2c3c89c2317790386307fba
Global Blacklists
Monitors global customer blacklists
1technologies 3c30fdd33215014b7529a4add87c19396478de2ea889499532c32069388dd9ac
Examine Bank
Examines bank identification numbers
11technologies 7ac986b037f1c763f00659d73ac4b34e1f514a7e3e26db1503a7d28a80924bc5
Merchant Specific Data
Allows incorporation of merchant-specific data points and customer lists

NoFraud Service Offers:

  • Free Integration
  • No Long Term Commitments
  • No Monthly Minimums
  • Free Technical Support
  • Low Per-Transaction Billing. For a Price quote and True Cost of Fraud Calculator, please click HERE.