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PayPal for Marketplaces

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PayPal for Marketplaces
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PayPal for Marketplaces is available as a payment method within the PayPal module

This is a marketplace payment solution that allows handling adaptive payments between you and your sellers within one multivendor store. The solution was developed to support split payments as an alternative for Stripe Connect. 

You can accept credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal, allowing your customers to check out with or without a PayPal account. 

Based on how you prefer to run your marketplace and how your business partners get paid, you can choose one of the two suggested paths: 

  • Marketplaces Connected Path 

This way, you partner with PayPal to manage and protect against your risk and losses. If you choose the Connected Path, you control funds disbursement, and your sellers handle disputes, chargebacks, collect funds from responsible parties, and are liable for risk loss associated with the chargeback. 

  • Marketplaces Managed Path

This path enables you to fully control your customers' experience. If you choose Managed Path, you control funds disbursement, too, but are also liable for risk loss associated with reversals or chargebacks. You are also to handle disputes and collect funds from the responsible parties. Your vendors only collect disbursed payments. 

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