Pop-up Anywhere for v4

Pop-up Anywhere for v4

  • $99.00
    Compatible: 4.4.x - 4.7.x
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Author: Qualiteam
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Pop-up Anywhere for v4
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Pop-up Anywhere

Pop-ups is a great tool to call visitors to action and to push message to them regardless of the page they land on when arriving on your site. With “Pop-up Anywhere” you can create unlimited number of pop-overs. The add-on will help you to capture your customers attention and:

  • promote newsletter sign-up
  • welcome your first-time customers with a greetings message and welcome offer
  • get more Facebook likes
  • display promotional messages
  • display cart total and checkout button permanently on the screen.

With “Pop-up Anywhere” you don’t need to have all pop-ups on your site all the time. Display rules give you full control over every pop-up behaviour.

The X Factor: What Makes this Add-on Great

The information in your pop-up will grab attention for a few moments of every customer who visits your store. Hence communication through pop-up has far more impact than communication via sidebars, banners or welcome page.

Key Features

  • Promote what is important to you.
    Create unlimited number of pop-ups with different content.
  • Full manual control over when, where, to whom and how to show pop-ups.
    Configure how often, on what pages (based on part of URL), for which type of customers pop-up will be shown, define delay before pop-up is shown.
  • Customizable look.
    Use predesigned pop-ups, custom templates or custom text (HTML is supported), customize width, location and animation for each pop-up.
  • 4 Predesigned pop-up types.
    Sign up to newsletter; Social plugin: Like Box for Facebook Page; bottom sticky bar with cart total and checkout button; top sticky notification bar with custom message.
  • Reward customers with coupons.
    Offer discount or free shipping limited in time to your customer if they subscribe to newsletter or like your Facebook Page.
  • Ability to specify the period when the popup is to be shown.

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  • May 19, 2019, 14:29
    It's useful but it could not control where the pop-ups appear as they still show even when I set them to know show e.g. on the home page, or on cart pages only.