Post-checkout upsell

Post-checkout upsell

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Included in Platform, Marketplace, Auto, Enterprise.
    Compatible: 5.3.2.x - 5.5.1.x
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Author: Qualiteam
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Post-checkout upsell
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How to upsell effectively yet not to deter the customer with annoying ads? The answer is simple - don’t divert their attention before checkout is completed, but once the order is placed and you no longer risk anything, do your irresistible offer!

How it works?

This extension enables a product recommendation popup that appears only after the checkout process is finished, right above the invoice. Оnce the recommended product is added to cart, the customer is redirected to checkout page right away, with all the info pre-completed based on the previous order - the only action required is to press “Place Order” button once again. Buying the item you sell fast on the heels is a matter of only two clicks for a buyer, yay!

Key Features

  • The admin defines the number of products to recommend.
    You may show as may related items in this popup, as you wish, but we recommend no more than 3-6 items, that make the best match and are not too expensive - we want the customer to make an impulse purchase! E.g if the customer purchased iPhone, upsell such goods as tempered glass screen protector, smart battery case and a portable charger, not Apple Watch or another iPhone. “Oh, sure, how could I forget”, click-click and you have another order worth $25-$50.
  • The admin defines where to redirect customer once the product is added
    There are two options: redirect the buyer to checkout page with all the order data pre-populated or just hide the popup and show the invoice page with the details of previous order, while the product is added to cart in background
  • The products to recommend are managed in the “related products” tab on the product modify page
    This tab is added by add-on “related products”, hence this add-on is also required.
  • Editable popup title
    Don’t like “Anything else maybe” text of ours? For sure, you can easily replace it with your own! It’s a language variable, so edit the text to your taste!


This extension requires the “Related Products” add-on installed and configured.

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  • Nov 29, 2020, 22:46
    Only works with customers who are registered users of your store. Most customers do not register at my store. So, limited value for me.