Product Tags

Product Tags

Available in Business, Multivendor, Ultimate, Platform, Marketplace, Auto, Enterprise.
    Compatible: 5.2.0.x - 5.5.0.x
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Author: X-Cart team
Installations: 11085
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Assign one or multiple tags to your products and improve the navigation for your customers, who can narrow the search results by tags in the Product Filters or, vice versa, see all products with the same tag.

Key Features

  • Search by tags in the "Product Filter"

    If add-on Product Filter is enabled, your customers can narrow the search results by tags

  • Search by tags

    is available as an advanced search option too

  • Multi-language support

    Translate the tags names on the Tags Management page, and they will automatically be translated on the product pages of admin and customer area, if this language is selected

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