Product Variants

Product Variants

Available in Business, Multivendor, Ultimate, Platform, Marketplace, Auto, Enterprise.
    Compatible: 5.0.0.x - 5.5.1.x
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Author: X-Cart team
Installations: 37832
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Product Variants
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This add-on allows you to create product variants from options and make them have their own prices (including wholesale pricing), SKUs and stock levels.

You can add variants one by one, or generate them all automatically and remove the ones which you don't sell in your shop.

Adding variants for a product looks as follows:

  • start editing a product and add attributes like color and size; or you can populate them from a product class by assigning the class on the product
  • specify which attributes are options and enter values that customers will be able to select from when buying the product
  • start configuring variants by selecting options which will combine into variants
  • either generate all possible variants automatically or add them from possible option combinations one by one
  • change prices (including wholesale pricing), SKUs and stock levels per variant when needed.

Want to show variants as a table with variant-specific images?

Show all possible product variants as a table with quantity specification fields and enable bulk adding to cart of different product variations with additional extension "Variants Table View" developed by X-Cart team!

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