Refine Filters

Refine Filters

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    Compatible: 4.4.x - 4.7.x
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Author: Qualiteam
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Help your customers stop looking for a needle in a haystack with X-Cart’s Refine Filters add-on. Refine Filters offers a brand new way of navigating your store that allows customers to quickly find exactly what they need. Working from your existing product options, variants, feature comparison classes and more, Refine Filters generates radio buttons and numeric sliders and even allows for multiple selections to help your customers narrow a products list down to what fits their needs.

The X Factor: What Makes this Add-on Great

Imagine navigating hundreds or even thousands of similar-looking medicines or auto parts to find the one you need. With Refine Filters, your customers can leave the nightmare behind and find what they are looking for in just several clicks—increasing sales conversions, generating add-on sales and lowering your customer service workload.

Key Features

  • Dynamic filters updates.
    Filters are updated by AJAX based on what the customer chooses for maximum efficiency.
  • Complete flexibility and customization.
    Disable, rename or even configure the appearance of any filter. Choose from options including a yes/no/doesn’t matter selector, a multiple selector and a numeric slider.
  • Multiple selection capability.
    Your customers can specify multiple filter values as part of their search, getting them to the product they want as quickly as possible.
  • Easy set-up.
    No need to create filters from scratch – they are automatically generated from your existing product options, variants, extra fields and feature comparison classes. Want more tracking options? Add custom classes to group filters any way you want.
  • Filter anytime, anywhere on the site.
    While linked to specific categories, filters are also displayed in product search results and manufacturer pages.
  • Variety of special filters.
    Choose from a wide range of special filters including price, manufacturer, free shipping, in stock, on sale and more.

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  • May 21, 2019, 04:14
    Very powerful filter module. Its easy to customise and works really well - we use it on a couple of our sites. This module in my opinion is essential for stores with large categories/product lists. We did a little modification to the templates make it a little more obvious to customers when they were viewing only the filtered results, so they could clear them to view all results. My only real wish with this module, is if it could me made available to appear in the top of the actual category/products list. By appearing in the side bar under the category menu, it isn't obviously available to customers when they first click into a category.
  • May 17, 2019, 21:56
    This gave me a great option to add filters to aid my customers in finding the exact part they need fast! We have 800+/- products that are very similar that used to take forever to page through, now with the filters applied end users can get to where they need to be quickly and accurately.