Shopper Approved Reviews

Shopper Approved Reviews

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  • Jim meijer
    Mar 11, 2019, 21:43

    This module has a conflict with the module "Product reviews".

    After installing this module all my reviews and aggregation have disappeared!

    Then the Shopper Approved module is dislabeled. Yes the reviews back again.

    Then an uninstallation was carried out. ERROR, the module does not want to uninstall.

    First make the module active again, and then you can deinstall it.

    I have reported this problem to X-cart. But their help took me too long, and so I found the way to uninstall them.

    So be warned, if you have installed the module "Product reviews". And you already have several reviews, you lose them with the installation of the "Shopper Approved" module.

    Jim Meijer
    Apr 5, 2019, 15:28
    Hi Jim,

    Reviews do not disappear from X-Cart database. Shopper Approved module replaces X-Cart "Product Reviews" section with its own. If you enable ShopperApproved reviews and want your old reviews displayed there you need to migrate them via Google feed data import/export of X-Cart, i.e. reviews are exported into a Google feeds file, sent to ShopperApproved for manual review and then they import them for your account.

    Once you return to Product Reviews and disable Shopper Approved your reviews are displayed again.