Ri360 - Reporting & Analytics for X-Cart

Ri360 - Reporting & Analytics for X-Cart

Easy-to-use reports and dashboards, built with the business user in mind.
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Ri360 will enable you to harness the power of your X-cart data quickly and easily.
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Ri360 for X-Cart is a business analytics tool that enables users to understand their business so they can take steps to increase customer engagement and sales. Ri360 for X-Cart gathers your data into visual dashboards and multi-level reports so you can see patterns, trends and take action. 

Keep your most valuable customers engaged, re-engage old customers, understand what products sell and know your inventory.

What is Ri360 for X-Cart?

Ri360 for X-Cart is an out of the box integration built for X-Cart using ReconInsight's flagship product, Ri360. It includes all of the robust business analytics features that Ri360 has, as well as, pre-built dashboards, reports, and a ton of analytical coding specifically designed for X-Cart's eCommerce use case. 

What should I expect as a business user?

Ri360 integrates seamlessly with your X-Cart environment and pulls all of your data to a private, secure server for reporting and analysis. Your X-Cart pushes data to Ri360 every night for continued processing. As a result, your information is updated and ready for you with your morning coffee. Or tea.

Log into your private Ri360 website anytime to study your online business. You can use a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. View your information dozens of different ways using pre-built charts and dashboards. You can also edit views, filter, and create your own reports with self-service queries.

How is Ri360 for X-Cart different from other reporting tools?

This is always the question any discerning consumer asks - and it is an important question, we get it! So we figure we can help and share what we think sets us apart from the rest. Ri360 for X-Cart helps you drive sales and engage your customers in a number of ways, but we will start with our "Top 5 Reasons Ri360 for X-Cart is Different from the Rest":  

  1. Pre-Built X-Cart eCommerce dashboards - we can't stress this enough! If you are new to business analytics or don't have a dedicated data master on staff, creating useful dashboards can be time-consuming and Ri360 for X-Cart gets value from your data on the first day. Dashboards include:
    • Sales Transactions
    • Product Inventory
    • Customer Analysis & Engagement
  2. Daily morning emails to let you know if this month's sales are better than previous months and provide a full inventory management summary. (If you want different or additional information in your morning emails from Ri360, just let us know and we can easily make your changes for you.)
  3. See trends for ALL values - such as sales - month over month and year over year. Are you improving?
  4. Complete access to ALL of your data - sales, inventory and customer information. View it in a myriad of ways, whatever floats your boat. Say 'sayonara' to being grid-locked by limited visibility.
  5. 30 minutes every month - at ReconInsight we include services in all of our monthly subscriptions. Our data team has over 75+ years of combined analytics experience and we can help you solve complicated data problems or provide guidance for what to do next with your business analytics program.

Where should I go if I have more questions?

If you aren't completely sold yet - that is totally fine! Business Analytics can be daunting, which is why we have a more in-depth page on our website.

On top of what we covered here, we also share:

  • More ways Ri360 for X-Cart is different from other analytics tools
  • How you can use Ri360's data to take action with your marketing and increase customer engagement

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  • Jan 2, 2018, 20:11
    This is one of the first report programs that is written from the standpoint of the business owner! Very flexible and I love the daily updates. This program will be getting a lot of use in the coming year. Suz

Learn more about Ri360 for X-Cart!


Ri360 for X-Cart requires a monthly subscription with ReconInsight. A monthly Ri360 for X-Cart subscription starts at $200 and includes:

  • 30 min of business analytics guidance every month from a ReconInsight Data Master
  • 2 users included in the Ri360 environment
  • Plenty of data storage to support your X-Cart data in your Ri360 environment
  • Pre-built Dashboards, Reports with analytical coding specifically designed for eCommerce businesses
  • Includes Statistical Forecasting Premium Feature

Ri360 does not require a contract, however a 15% discount is provided for annual subscriptions.

About Set-up 

New subscriptions have a $500 set-up fee. It typically takes 2-3 business days to implement the integration. Our team of Data Masters can handle the set-up or we can work with your technical team - whatever you prefer.

Visit our website for more information about Ri360 for X-Cart: www.reconinsight.com/xcart

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