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Author: LibyaPages IT.
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The add-on will auto-detect language direction (RTL or LTR) and set your entire store accordingly. It also provides full control to apply RTL features in certain parts of the store, which you could set admin area, storefront (Crisp White skin),  PDFs and/or email notifications. Righty also provide you up to 10 nice RTL custom fonts, that you could pick from to make your store looks amazing.

See an example: demo

Key Features

  • Provides RTL support for entire store:
      1. Admin area.
      2. Storefront (Crisp White skin) only (Will not effect your store, if you use another theme or the setting is disable).
      3. Email notifications.
      4. PDF files and invoices (PDF version of invoices not included).
  • Ability to set RTL support for certain areas of the store using setting page og the add-on.
  • Auto-detect store language and set the direction to RTL or LTR accordingly.
  • Recognize the language direction at the Storefront or Admin area and set Emails direction according to that.
  • Recognize the language direction and generate PDF files accordingly.
  • Support most RTL languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Persian/Farsi, Urdu, Kurdish (Sorani), Aramaic, Azeri, Dhivehi/Maldivian.
  • Support small devices such as tablets and mobile phones.
  • Ability to pick from 10 amazing custom fonts, that will make your store looks nice.
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