Sales Advisor

Sales Advisor

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    Compatible: 4.5.x - 4.7.x
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Author: Qualiteam
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Sales Advisor
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This add-on is a bundle of two independent add-ons (not available separately), aimed at increasing your sales. The "Cart Upselling" add-on adds the product recommendations block on the cart page (admin decides if it should be random products, related products or products bought by other customers together with those in the cart). The other add-on, "Promotional messages", allows you to advertise your campaigns ( special offers, free shipping, discounts, wholesale pricing).

The X Factor: What Makes this Add-on Great

Give your buyers a hint that they're a footstep away from a beneficial bargain and encourage them to spend more! Done at the right time and in the right place, it's a powerful tool in your hands.


Key Features

  • Automatic creation of promotional messages for existing discounts and offers
    Works with Wholesale pricing, Special Offers, Shipping Rates, Discounts
  • Unlimited number of promo messages
    Run multiple campaigns in your store and be sure the customers will be informed about each of them
  • Multiple language support
    Ability to create custom promo messages for the languages available in your store
  • HTML tags support
    Play with fonts, sizes and and colors - with Default or WYSIWYG editor
  • Effective Call to action
    Show the exact products or the sum left, making it clear for buyer, what action is required
  •  Product recommendations based on the goods already added to cart 
    Depending on the marketing strategy, admin decides, what to display: "Customers Also Bought", related products or random ones
  • Configurable number of recommendations displayed
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  • Feb 21, 2021, 16:05
    Very useful module when used in conjunction with Special offers