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Signifyd via X-Payments

100% Guaranteed Fraud Protection
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Signifyd via X-Payments
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Connect with a fraud specialist to learn how Signifyd can help you grow your online business.

Never Pay a Chargeback Again

As the world’s largest provider of Guaranteed Fraud Protection, Signifyd removes the risk of filling online orders in a world where increasingly sophisticated fraudsters are constantly upping their game. 

Our system pairs machine learning with human intuition and intelligence to root out fraudulent orders on a scale and with a precision not possible by human screening or rules-based systems alone. That means that you can concentrate on what you do best — building your brand, growing your company and making sure that your customers get the goods they want, when they want them, with minimum friction.

Digital retailers can no longer rely on old rules-based, fraud-fighting systems that react to past fraud practices rather than anticipate the evolving state of the dark art. And our constantly learning model ensures that you’re not leaving money on the table by turning down orders that might seem amiss, but are actually legitimate.

Best of all, Signifyd provides a 100 percent financial guarantee against fraud and chargebacks on every approved order. The guarantee shifts fraud liability away from you and lets you focus on increasing scales, opening new markets and building your brand.

How Signifyd can help move your business forward: 

  • Accept More Orders
    Signifyd automates your order review processing allowing you to accept more orders and maximize revenues without chargeback losses. Merchants using Signifyd experience a 3% lift in revenues on average.
  • Leverage Machine Learning
    We have built one of the most sophisticated fraud-protection solutions based on machine learning models and behavioral analytics. It is capable of preventing eCommerce fraud before it even occurs.
  • Expand to New Markets
    With a 100% financial guarantee, merchants have the freedom to open their businesses to new markets without fear of fraud.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
    Process customer orders faster! All orders are reviewed in real time using machine learning to determine which orders should be approved and shipped to customers.
  • Eliminate Chargeback Losses
    Our financial guarantee protects online retailers in case of chargebacks, allowing businesses to increase sales and open new markets. We back our decisions with 100% chargeback protection. If a chargeback is filed on an order we approved, we'll pay the full cost.
  • Get Back Your Day (and Budget)
    Stop reviewing orders manually. Signifyd provides instant yes/no decisions and is only paid for orders we approve. That allows you to focus on growing your business while we focus on protecting it.

Why Signifyd

 Signifyd, which is headquartered in Silicon Valley, protects 5,000 digital stores, representing $9.1 billion in sales. Its customers include some of the best-known among the Fortune 1000 and the Internet Retailer Top 500.

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Trusted by Over 5,000 Businesses Worldwide:

Signifyd customers

“Since Signifyd guarantees every order they approve, we know we’re covered if anything, even one order, goes through that shouldn’t. With that assurance, we can focus on what matters to us most.”

Caleb Callahan, Director of Payments and Fraud,


“In our business you need to understand every single timepiece, every customer and every transaction. And because Signifyd has us covered from a chargeback standpoint, it allows us to focus on what we’re good at.”

Hamilton Powell, CEO of luxury, pre-owned watch-seller Crown & Caliber


“Our customer satisfaction has increased and we’re seeing more repeat business since we now ship anywhere – to their office, for example – so customers are happy to purchase from us again. Signifyd has made a big difference in our business, and compared to 2016, 2017 is on track for 10- to 15-percent growth.”

Donny Ton, Operations Manager,


“Without Signifyd verifying and guaranteeing all Moment’ sales in real-time, the company would be losing $10,000 a month, or up to 5% of its monthly sales. We love the service. It really saves us money. We love how they built great software so that it’s automatic and not all manual. The service level’s been fantastic. Very responsive.”

Marc Barros, Co-Founder, Moment


“We had reviewed some other fraud solutions and it seemed like Signifyd was the most robust. We like the idea that if fraud does happen we can get our money back from them.” 

Jay Amstutz, President, Ohio Power Tool


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