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Want to pull your much valued customer to your site, then what are you waiting for? Check out with our Store-Locator extension to ease the pain. This extension facilitates your customers to search your store among various location(s) where your store(s) are located in. It also promote search by Zip-code where your customer can search your store(s) based on Zip-code. Not only this, the extension enriches itself by providing guidance to your customer to get to your store. It gives an approximate estimation about the span of time taken to reach from their location to your store in association with the path guidance. Isn't it interesting? So why not get this amazing extension instantly.


Its beautiful features includes


  • Get List of all the available stores on store front-end
  • Simplify store search result by allowing customer locate your store by
    • Country
    • State
    • City
    • Zip-code
  • Ease customer pain by providing 'Get Guidance' feature which provides your customer with following beautiful features.
    • Estimation of approximate time taken to reach to their destination
    • Path they need to follow in order to reach their destination
  • Upload default store image from backend
  • Upload default marker image from backend
  • Completely Admin Manageable


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This Storelocator x-cart module having Plug n play installation process, If you still need our support to setup this module or need any customisation kindly mail us at