Stripe & Apple Pay for v4

Stripe & Apple Pay for v4

  • $169.00
    Compatible: 4.4.x - 4.7.x
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Author: Dmitry Miller
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Stripe & Apple Pay for v4
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This addon enables two payment methods in your X-Cart Classic (4.x) store at once: Stripe and Apple Pay.

Apple Pay gains popularity among modern consumers as a simple, very fast and always within reach way to pay online. It’s definitely a must-have payment method in most online stores. The addon adds an additional button at checkout. Having clicked on it, the customer will see an Apple Pay payment form.

The addon also supports all the features of the Stripe for v4 addon, such as:

  • Responsive payment form
  • PCI compliant integration
  • Fraud protection tools
  • Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) support
  • 3D Secure support

There are no extra fees for using this payment method. You pay commissions only for successful transactions and nothing more.

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  • Oct 30, 2019, 17:54
    This review is about the Apple Pay part of the software. Apple Pay part will not work, even if it is installed by X-cart, unless you become an Apple developer at a cost of $99 per year renewed every year, paid to Apple Inc. Be aware of this as it is very difficult to make Apple Pay work and you may not be granted Apple Developer status or may not be given an Apple merchant ID etc. etc. because of so many conditions and steps and procedures etc. you will have to go through at Apple website. Apple Inc. makes it very very difficult for merchants to accept Apple Pay and for consumers to use Apple Pay. Before you purchase this software from X-cart make sure you go through all the steps and become an Apple Developer, learn the Apple Xcode and other coding skills are needed, and you can not hire anyone to do that as it has to be you, the merchant, or forget about accepting Apple Pay. I personally gave up as I don't have the knowledge of all the code and do not want to pay $99 to Apple Inc. just to be able to accept Apple Pay and pay Apple even more in fees and charges for a not very popular Apple Pay.
  • Oct 22, 2019, 00:14
    Be aware that you must first apply to become an Apple Developer (enroll in the paid Apple Developer program) and that is a complicated task if at all possible and you must pay $99 a year (renewable every year) to Apple in order to become an Apple Developer (even if you are not a developer at all) so that Apple allows you to begin to apply for an Apple Merchant ID and other things required to set up Apple Pay. Even Apple support had problems handling this and will send you around. And Apple forums will delete your post if you ask the question about the $99 yearly fee to enroll in the Apple Developer program. Apple Inc. describes the Apple Pay handling as done in a couple very easy steps, which is a big lie. Be aware of this when ordering this software. This sales page does not disclose the fact that you must first become a paid Apple Developer at a cost of $99 per year. Also, you must own an Apple iPhone or similar Apple device in order to go through the process. And even that does not guarantee that you will be able to accept Apple Pay. It's a very complicated matter that I have gone through and failed to want to purchase Apple device and pay $99 yearly just to accept Apple Pay occasionally and pay Apple even more in credit card processing fees. So no wonder there is no information on X-cart forums and other online sources on Apple Pay, because so few people were probably able or unable to master it and to make it work and very few want to pay Apple money in order to pay them even more in fees and charges. And no wonder so few merchants accept Apple Pay or uses it to pay.

    I also must add that there are no user instructions for this software neither knowledge base on using Apple Pay for v4. If I am proven wrong I will update this review.