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    Compatible: 5.0.0.x - 5.5.1.x
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Author: X-Cart team
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Stripe processes billions of dollars a year for thousands of businesses, from newly-launched start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.
 John Collison, Co-Founder 

The add-on integrates Stripe Checkout into your X-Cart 5 based store. The customer will see a neat payment form on checkout. It's compatible with all types of devices: desktop, tablet, and mobile. Enjoy competitive processing fees and an easy setup right from the admin area of the store. Stripe will help you get an improved checkout completion, fight fraud, and expand globally. 

Key Features

  • Increase Conversions by Improving Checkout Experience
    Accept credit and debit cards in 135+ currencies; use Stripe Connect; offer digital wallet payment methods, such as Apple Pay®, Google Pay, Alipay, WeChat Pay, Amex Express Checkout, Microsoft Pay, Visa Checkout, and Masterpass by Mastercard. Accept local payment methods, like AliPay, iDEAL, WeChat Pay, Bancontact, EPS, Giropay, P24, SEPA Direct Debit, SOFORT, OXXO, and more. 

  • Fight Fraud with Machine Learning Evolving Algorithms
    Even if a card is new to your business, there’s an 89% chance it’s been seen before on the
    Stripe network. By learning from millions of global transactions each year, Stripe can assign risk scores to every payment and automatically block high-risk payments. Besides, Stripe algorithms adapt quickly to shifting fraud patterns and to your unique business.

  • Offer Secure and Compliant Payments via Stripe
    Stripe is certified to the highest industry standards. Stripe is PCI DSS Level 1 certified. Your customer’s information is tokenized so you never need to see or store sensitive information. It also supports PSD2 regulations in Europe and is Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) compliant. Stripe scans every transaction to trigger additional authentication only when required.

  • Benefit from Transparent Pricing 
    With Stripe, you only get charged when you earn money. No extra fees for failed transactions, American Express, international or stored cards. 

  • Supported Payment Methods and Systems

    • Klarna

    • Apple Pay®

    • Google Pay 

    • Alipay 

    • WeChat Pay 

    • Amex Express Checkout 

    • Microsoft Pay 

    • Visa Checkout 

    • Masterpass by MasterCard

    • SOFORT

    • Afterpay / Clearpay

    • Pay now

    • SEPA Direct Debit

    • Bancontact

    • BLIK

    • EPS

    • Giropay

    • iDeal

    • Przelewy24

    • Sofort

    • PromptPay

    • Pix

    • WeChat Pay (см доки, особая интеграция)

    • Konbini

    • OXXO

    • Boleto

Average rating:
Score: 4.4 (votes: 226)
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  • Dec 24, 2021, 05:58
    X-cart v.4.7.12 owner here, upgraded by an independent professional ( from v.4.7.8. The Stripe module was working "fine" in v4.7.8 but I never realized it was not full or had so many payment methods missing, after I read the reviews on here. After an upgrade Stripe module worked "fine" but was not transferring the customer's name and address to my Stripe account interface. It seemed odd and X-cart team explained that the Stripe module needed an upgrade and that upgrade will cost me $XXXX.XX which seemed like an extreme amount to charge for a simple 15 minute upgrade of Stripe module. So I've been using incompletely working Stripe module for a while while negotiating with X-cart to do the upgrade. Finally XC Team provided me with the zipped patch files and then they also agreed to do it for $99 (the Stripe module installation fee that I already paid once in the past) and I paid it (again), so they did the "upgrade" about 2 days later. Yet now I have noticed that while the name and the address of the payor is being properly processed into the Stripe interface at but the total order amount is reduced exactly 100 times. I know, sounds bizarre, right? Which means the X-cart team did not finish nor test the module properly. They do provide free suggestions and even free fixes at times. That's why I stayed 16 years with X-cart, but after hearing that the Stripe module is missing so many payment methods I am thinking of abandoning the ship in a couple years from now. Unless things change for the better. And this is so typical of the so-called Qualiteam: they do the work and never finish it properly and they announce they have completed the work. So now once I sent them a note and an attached screenshot explaining what is going on, they wrote back that they wrote they need to consult with their developers. The BIG BLUE BUTTON displays an amount which is decimated by 00 (100 times less) and such a seemingly simple fix needs to be consulted with the developers. Here's the screenshot, be your own judges.

    Then there's also an issue with their other payment methods. For example when a customer selects "Bank wire transfer" as a payment method in X-cart 4.4 to 4.7.12 they are shown three empty text fields, which do not make any sense. There is no functionality to fill those fields up by the store owner and the stars next to each field refer to what? But what's worse is that those fields are directed in the wrong, opposite direction. In other words these are not the fields for the customer, but for the seller and they are empty and are used in a wrong fashion, for a lack of better words. Also they lack (a swapable) IBAN and SWIFT field as well (for EU customers as the least). Take a look at this screenshot as well:

    And in the below review X-cart team responded: " We are going to add those payment methods into our Stripe app in Q2 2021 " - was this done for my Stripe module for version 4.7.12 for the $99 that I paid? Please confirm.

    Many other issues are either pending or were somehow patched up or repaired by the team or by me.

    Unfinished product in many ways and places and they are not selling lifetime licenses of it anymore.
  • Apr 15, 2021, 10:47
    Yes, after a day of troubleshooting with Stripe support about why WeChat and AliPay aren't showing up, it turns out that the plugin doesn't ask for them. It's apparently two lines of code for X-Cart to add more Stripe payment options, meaning that it's either (A) Indifference/Laziness, or (B) a strategic decision to not support anything but credit cards, since they might sell their own product to integrate these. Super bummer. Only about 10% of Stripe's payment methods are supported in X-Cart. Buyer beware.
    Apr 20, 2021, 19:15
    Hi Per,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are going to add those payment methods into our Stripe app in Q2 2021
  • Jul 18, 2019, 13:47
    Outdated! It is only for credit cards. Stripe is much more then credit cards. See:

    Dynamic statement descriptors
    Authorization features (partial capture, unlinked refunds)
    Full/partial refunds
    CVC/AVS checks
    Guaranteed settlement
    Enable your customers to check out faster with wallet payment methods that digitally store credit and debit cards. Wallets eliminate the need for customers to manually enter their card and billing information, offering a quick and convenient way to pay.

    Apple Pay
    Google Pay
    Microsoft Pay
    Masterpass by Mastercard
    Visa Checkout
    WeChat Pay BETA

    Local payment methods

    Offer popular and local payment methods around the world with the Sources platform, our unified API for accepting any supported payment method with a single integration. With Sources there’s no one-off integrations or separate processes required. Plus benefit from unified monitoring, reporting and payouts.

    Multibanco BETA
    P24 BETA
    SEPA Direct Debit
    WeChat Pay BETA

    I really hope this module will get an upgrade soon. All major shop carts have a full stripe addon. Why not x-cart? Keep up the good work and serve your software users with perfection.