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Turn 14 Distribution

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    Compatible: 5.5.1.x
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Automate order fulfillment for your automotive store with the Turn 14 Distribution add-on. With this add-on, you can connect your X-Cart store to the T14 auto parts database to upload product data and keep the orders and inventory synchronized and updated within your X-Cart online store.

Key Features

Direct API integration
Directly connect to your T14 account with your API key and integrate it with your X-Cart store.

Ease of use
Select the necessary brands to automatically import the product data and filter it by fitment, category, and other criteria.

Connection with fitment search tools
Connect with the YMM fitment search add-on to enhance your store search and maximize order accuracy.

Simple listings creation and management
Convert product data from the T14 database to X-Cart product listings.

Up-to-date inventory
Get inventory data from all the brands you wish to sell.

Orders and inventory synchronization
Automatically send new orders from X-Cart to T14 for fulfillment.

Transparent order fulfillment
Receive order status and tracking updates from T14 in real time to update your customer as soon as their order has shipped.

With this add-on auto parts business owners can:

  • add new parts automatically and remove discontinued parts;
  • select brands, import them into the store along with titles, descriptions, tags, categories, pricing, and other data;
  • provide fitment data for year, make, and model search tools;
  • filter products by fitment, category, special order, and other criteria;
  • include estimated shipping costs if they want to advertise 'free shipping'
  • drop ship auto parts from their eCommerce store

Offer your car parts buyers the ultimate shopping experience with:

  • a comprehensive selection of products
  • simple and accurate product search
  • speedy delivery times

* In order to use this application, you must already be a dealer of Turn 14 Distribution.  If you're not already a dealer, please apply here:  https://turn14.com/become_customer 

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