XC4 X-Payments Subscriptions and Installments

XC4 X-Payments Subscriptions and Installments

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XC4 X-Payments Subscriptions and Installments
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  • Do you provide services such as hosting or technical support that require repeat billing ?
  • Do you deliver weekly, monthly, quarterly or even annual subscriptions of magazines, products or e-goods?
  • Do you accept payments in installments?

If you can answer "Yes" to any of the questions above, this free add-on coupled with the X-Payments service could be the solution x-pecially for you!

The X Factor: What Makes this Add-on Great

Make regular billing a snap while ensuring fully PCI compliant subscriptions for X-Cart with the help of the X-Payments service.

Key Features

  • Easy set-up

    Set up subscriptions the same way as other products in your X-Cart catalog, then they can be purchased through your regular checkout process via the integrated X-Payments application.
  • PCI compliant

    Customers' credit cards are securely saved for subscriptions via the PA-DSS certified X-Cart Payments service, protecting the on-line security of your customers - and the reputation of your store.
  • Customer account synchronization

    Subscription details and orders are available to review directly in customers’ account information.
  • Customizable setup fee

    Define the setup fee for a subscription, or even make it free.
  • Flexible billing periods

    Choose from several subscription billing options, including weekly/monthly/annually, in a certain number of days/weeks/months or on a certain day of the week/month/year.
  • Installment payments

    By setting up a subscription and limiting the number of "re-bill" periods, you can easily implement installment payments for your customers, giving them another incentive to buy.
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