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Saathiva Creations is a one of the leading Web Development Company based in Chicago, USA with Development Center located in India.

When you are looking to sell more and create a long lasting relationship with your customers with the all-in-one eCommerce Software and Online Marketing Solutions, X-Cart is a great start.

We have been working with X-Cart platform for past few years. With 100+ X-Cart store designs under our belt, our development team has gained huge experience & is very knowledgeable about available features, functionalities & integrations.

Create new eCommerce Store on X-Cart Platform
Entrepreneurs all across world run successful X-Cart Stores. You can sell your Arts, Fashion Accessories, Electronics, Gadgets, Sporting Goods, Furniture, Apparel even Food online. Call us for free consultation.

Redesign your existing X-Cart Store
Do your existing website not fit your marketing plans or looks outdated? It's time to get the fresh design with modernized look & feel, enhanced features and fresh content. Site redesign service is the most suitable for you.

Convert your existing eCommerce store to X-Cart Store
Have an online store? Would like to move to X-Cart for more features, our migration service fulfilled by experienced professionals should be the best option. We guarantee individual approach to each customer, 100% uptime for the source store and secure data transfer from old store to new store. We can transfer manufacturers, product categories, products, product images, product options, customer's data, order and order status with product images. Seamless migration with no downtime.

Upgrade your store X-Cart eCommerce store to the latest version
Are you running an older X-Cart version? Want some bugs fixed with more functionalities? The X-Cart team regularly improves and updates the X-Cart shopping cart by releasing new software versions. With each new release, X-Cart gains a series of fixes and advances that make the software even more powerful, efficient and secure. We will upgrade your store to latest version with no data or functionality loss.

X-Payments Integration
New payment application security mandates require Visa & MasterCard to use, and ensure that their merchants and agents use, payment applications that adhere to the Payment Card Industry Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS). These security mandates require full compliance by July 1, 2012 for all regions and merchants. Deadline for US merchants was July the 1st 2010.Simply put if you host credit card payment form on your website you have to use a PA-DSS certified software to process credit card payments.

Custom Add-on Development
Want a feature added but cannot find a add-on anywhere, ask us! We will help you create functions in X-Cart. X-Cart customization service includes alteration and tailoring of existing functionality for all official releases of X-Cart. This is the most popular development service related to our products.

Our team works with all types of custom web development. We work both with simple customization requests and complex long-term projects. Our initial consultation & estimates are free of charge; there is no obligation to purchase our service.

X-Cart Mobile site
Key to success with Mobile eCommerce is to provide the customer with mobile/touch-friendly interface; this should be the minimalist and fast loading. A dedicated mobile interface ensures that your customer has the best experience possible and increases conversion rate for those customers, compared to using a full interface not designed for small screens and slower internet connections.

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