Rich Google Search Results for v4

Rich Google Search Results for v4

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Автор: Qualiteam
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Rich Google Search Results for v4
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With this amazing module, a few critical changes to the snippet that appears on a Google Search Results page can mean the difference between a potential customer clicking through to your store – or a competitor’s – and can even boost your search rankings. Compare these two snippets:

Usual Google search results:

Usual snippet results

Impact of Rich Google Search Results module on the search result:

Google rich snippet

Key Features

Special schema tags brought by Microdata specification allow the snippets produced by Rich Google Search Results module to include the following enhancements over the standard snippet:

  • Detailed Link Information. The path to your store page is displayed as a chain of breadcrumbs instead of a single URL, allowing for direct navigation to other site areas.
  • Instant Pricing Information. Product price is shown directly on the search results page. If pricing varies depending on options, it will be displayed in a price range format (for example, $18.99 to $22.79).
  • Prominent Customer Reviews. Customer star rating and total reviews are shown directly on the search results page for maximum impact, or denotes if reviews are not available.
  • Immediate Availability. Indicates at-a-glance whether the desired product is in stock.
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