Available in Business, Multivendor, Ultimate, Platform, Marketplace, Auto, Enterprise.
    Compatible: 5.2.0.x - 5.5.1.x
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Author: X-Cart team
Installations: 13692
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Give your customers a strong feeling of accurate customer care, offering them an easy and convenient way to reach you and vendors selling in your store. 

The addon allows both a customer and a seller to start a conversation related to the order right on the order details page, and well-thought notification system won’t leave any message unread. Messaging related to orders is available in all paid editions (X-Cart Business, X-Cart Multivendor, X-Cart Ultimate). 

If you have Multi-vendor functionality enabled, the Messages addon also allows your buyers to start messaging with sellers before they make a purchase. They can initiate the conversations right on the sellers' pages in the storefront. 

Key features

  • Enhanced customer experience
    Save your customers from the necessity to search for contact info or filling in contact forms. With this add-on they can get in touch with you or the vendor of an ordered item in one click directly from the order details page. In “Warehouse mode” if both messaging with the store administrator and vendors is enabled, a customer can choose whom he wants to communicate with.
  • Disputes available for better control over conflict cases
    In case a customer is not satisfied with communication with a vendor, he can open a dispute to get in touch with the store administrator. Also, a dispute can be opened by a store administrator to cut into the messaging between a vendor and a customer and get notifications for this conversation.
  • Fully compatible with multi-vendor modes
    In “Vendors as separate shops” mode vendors communicate with customers themselves and get only the messages related to their orders.
    In “Warehouse” mode it’s a store administrator who handles communication with customers by default, however communication with vendors can also be enabled.
  • Excellent notification system to guarantee well-timed responses
    When a customer gets a new message from a seller, there appears a special icon in the header in customer area. Vendors and Store Administrator get notifications about new messages in the notification menu. Besides that, all messages are duplicated by e-mail.
  • Easy search for orders with messages
    Additional filtering option is added to the Orders list section and allows a store administrator and vendor to get a list of orders With any messages or With unread messages.
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  • Sep 12, 2016, 08:50
    Another time saving module, customers can send you a message about a specific order and it's easy to lookup and answer their questions without having to deal with email.