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Related Products

Available in Business, Multivendor, Ultimate, Platform, Marketplace, Auto, Enterprise.
    Compatible: 5.0.0.x - 5.5.1.x
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Implement up-selling/cross-selling practices in your X-Cart 5 based eCommerce website to boost sales. When you set related products for a product, they show up in 'Related products' block in the bottom of this product page in the storefront. The related products can be represented by alternatives or additional items. 

To set the products' relation, go to tab "Related products" in the product settings page in the admin back-end and select the products from your online store catalog. 

Key Features

  • Upselling tool

    Indulge the customer to spend more money, i.e. to buy a more expensive alternative of the product he views.

  • Cross-selling tool

    Recommend related products from other categories, reminding the customer about other popular things he may be interested in. Add extensions, accessories and warranties as related products motivating your customer to add more items to the shopping cart.

  • Display recommended items on add-to-cart-popup

    If you have the "Add to Cart Popup" addon enabled, you can configure it to display related products, too. 

  • Try different approaches

    An upselling link can lead in a single direction (from product A to product B), or be bidirectional (pointing both ways, from product A to product B and from product B to product A). In the former case product B will show up as related on the page of product A, but if we go to the page of product B, we won't see the product A in the 'Related products' block. In the latter case, product B will show up as related to product A and vice versa.

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