Kinvasoft apps are chosen by owners of online stores and marketplaces all over the world. Our apps help to change the Design, launch Marketing activities, build Affiliate marketing, evaluate business success through Data Analytical dashboards
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Kinvasoft IT Company is a leading developer of applications for eCommerce on the X-Cart platform.

Kinvasoft applications are chosen by owners of e-stores and Marketplaces around the world for the following options:  

  • Data Analytics with flexible KPI dashboards for the successful Managing of your online store from simple e-store to Multi-Vendor Marketplace (E-Shop Analytics)
  • build Affiliate marketing (Partner Program)
  • improving the usability and SEO of the store (Colorset Creator)
  • integration with a platform that helps coordinate the work of marketing, sales, and support in order to increase revenue (Dashly, CarrotQuest)
  • launch of marketing activities (Hot Offer)
  • changes in the design of your online store (find more design themes: Soft pixel & Smart Scenery
  • integration with CDECK transport company (for the Russian Federation only)
  • setting up online sales through integration with UBRiR Bank and connecting UMKA online sales register (for the Russian Federation only)
  • integration with the 1C commodity accounting system (for the Russian Federation only)

In addition we can help you develop and configure an online store or Marketplace on X-Cart:

  • let's draw a design
  • fill with goods
  • set up a payment and delivery
  • add the necessary functionality
  • we will develop an application (new functionality) that is not available in the X-Cart marketplace
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  • Dec 29, 2021, 14:51
    PENTAGRAM Company online store

    PENTAGRAM is an E-commerce platform, where you can buy unique, stylish things with delivery all over the world.
    Specialization:  unique lamps, floor lamps, sconces, interior items, smart tables for working at home, and other, not less interesting things in Loft and Steampunk styles.

    We got acquainted with Kinvasoft team by the recommendation of the developers of CMS system X-CART (the idellion store is based on this CMS). There were no doubts about the qualification of the team because Kinvasoft team was recommended by X-CART itself. The decisive moment for us was limited time and a lack of  alternatives.

    It's simple, there is a CMS system that is a crucial moment for us and there are not many developers for it on the market. Yes, there is no problem to develop a store on X-CART, including most of  the experienced teams would have successfully coped with the task, but this is a certain barrier to entry, and speed was important to us.

    Despite the status of the partner, Kinvasoft team announced quite a market price, so the search question disappeared by itself. Our impression of the cooperation was positive. The team coped with the task, the deadlines were complied within acceptable limits.

    The result is a finished online store with a unique design on the CMS we wanted. All errors and mistakes made during development were corrected in time, without delays and additional charges.

    We recommend Kinvasoft team as the qualified and responsible developer for all store owners on the X-CART platform.