CFL Systems, Inc.

CFL Systems, Inc.

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  • Luc Plante
    Apr 23, 2020, 21:14
    Attentive and personalized service. I definitely recommend this addon !
  • Tim Wheeler
    Jan 8, 2020, 01:12
    I engaged Steve from CFL Systems to update my custom theme on our website from 5.3 to be compatible with the new version 5.4 Great customer service and fast turnaround time. Highly recommend Steve (and his modules, I have 6) for you x-cart projects.
    You can also see the new theme here: just in different colours.
  • Dave Hinbest
    Oct 24, 2019, 02:50
    Super great customer service! I bought a custom add on for our marketplace and they made it so simple. I will be hiring CFL Systems for additional work in the future.

    Anyone considering them as a partner to help build your requirements feel free to contact me.
  • Jim meijer
    Mar 11, 2019, 21:31

    With the transition from the Google search console I received the following error message regarding the structured data of my website

    "missing product ID (optional)"

    I wrote an e-mail to CFL Systems about this. She told me that it was not a problem because it is optional. But as an SEO expert, I know that Google will value your website extra if you have 100% correct.

    This also written to CFL Systems, within an hour they have solved the problem! Great, thank you very much for the effort.

    I also had this problem with a module from X-cart "Rich Google search results" from Qualiteam. I have also presented the problem. Then I got the same answer as from CFL Systems.
    They also refer me to 'Buy products / services' in HelpDesk.

    "We have received your assistance request for the store, but since it will be processed within the preliminary support service, one business day, time-frame and issue resolving are not guaranteed."

    I have the X-cart license Business. So you just have to wait until you get help and you do not know when!

    CFL Systems have helped me 3 times now. A solution to the problem within a day and even within 1 hour.

    Jim Meijer