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CFL Systems, Inc.

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  • Jim meijer
    Mar 11, 2019, 21:31

    With the transition from the Google search console I received the following error message regarding the structured data of my website

    "missing product ID (optional)"

    I wrote an e-mail to CFL Systems about this. She told me that it was not a problem because it is optional. But as an SEO expert, I know that Google will value your website extra if you have 100% correct.

    This also written to CFL Systems, within an hour they have solved the problem! Great, thank you very much for the effort.

    I also had this problem with a module from X-cart "Rich Google search results" from Qualiteam. I have also presented the problem. Then I got the same answer as from CFL Systems.
    They also refer me to 'Buy products / services' in HelpDesk.

    "We have received your assistance request for the store, but since it will be processed within the preliminary support service, one business day, time-frame and issue resolving are not guaranteed."

    I have the X-cart license Business. So you just have to wait until you get help and you do not know when!

    CFL Systems have helped me 3 times now. A solution to the problem within a day and even within 1 hour.

    Jim Meijer