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BCS Engineering

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  • Ryan Simmons
    Oct 31, 2016, 06:36
    A truly horrible company. I will give you the facts and you can decide for yourself.
    We were given a date that they would begin working on our site. When that date came, they did not contact us. I emailed them asking if they had begun work. The did not reply until ONE WEEK LATER stating that another client had an "emergency" and that that was why they were behind a week getting to us.

    The following week when they supposedly were to begin work, again no contact from them. I email with no response. After another FULL WEEK WITHOUT A REPLY they respond and say that the login information we gave them wasn't correct.

    Work is finally being worked on, again I am emailing them asking the status of things and getting no replies back. They are emailing once a week.
    Once work is complete we are not happy with it and ask them to please alter an aspect of the job. They say that can schedule to do this 3 weeks later! Unless we want to pay the accelerate rate of $150/hour.

    I ask them how many hours they predict it will take to do at the higher rate just so we can get it done faster than waiting 3 weeks. They predict the total will be between $3,000 - $5,000 on top of what we have already paid.

    I call another company who says they can begin work immediately and that total cost will be $850 - $1,400. I immediately drop BCS and use the other company who has worked quickly and emailed me half a dozen times EACH DAY.

    Use at your own risk.