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  • Richard Coogan
    Feb 6, 2017, 21:34
    I have been using one of X-Carts premium Hosting plans for over a year now and the difference over previous hosting (1&1 Managed Server) is night and day.

    X-Cart reached out to me to just give it a try, no fuss, no problem if I switch back to my old hosting. They said we know it will be faster and you will have less technical issues that I were server related using the X-Cart software. Having built up a trust and working relationship since 2003, I thought I would give it a go. I should note that I dont work for X-cart in any way and am providing the short review just based on my experience.

    Firstly, I am using X-Cart 5.3x Shopping cart and X-Cart hosting is fine tuned for it. I have been using X-Cart since 2003, so I have a good understanding of the software, but just used a standard server to get it to work, but it was limited and wasn't using the full potential. It was also causing technical issues as I went on.

    Since X-Cart 5.3x upgraded to PHP7 there were vast speed improvements which were only noticeable after moving to X-Cart hosting.

    My First view time for my pages more than doubled, (webpagetest.org) and suddenly my grades went from F on the First byte rate along with C's and one A, to all straight A's. Using a website like webpagetest.org can help you really compare the difference of a varied number of server details with a detailed breakdown. You may not even know your website is under performing and it could be costing you sales, especially if you are a an online shop.

    The difference has meant no downtime, super fast page loading and happier customers browsing my shop.

    If you are considering X-Cart hosting, why not give it a go? The guys were super helpful and imported all of my FTP files over almost instantly. They switched it on and it was there.

    There were a couple of slight niggling issues along the way in the early days. A couple of times the First time byte did fall very slow to 90 seconds, (https://www.webpagetest.org/result/161006_39_KE0/) however after I had notified the hosting team, they mentioned it was due to a slight incompatibility between X-cart and PHP7 and they closely monitored the situation and fine tuned it further to work perfectly. Since then there have been no issues with downtime or slow loading pages, so I assume it was an initial setup/ learning curve with the move to PHP7.

    Included with the package I have, comes a dedicated support should I get stuck with any related server issues. They are always at hand and fix any issues relatively quickly should I have any.

    If you want speed, service and a secure solution, then look no further. Especially if you are on X-Cart 4 considering X-Cart 5. Or already on X-Cart 5 and not satisfied with the results you are getting. Best yet as I mentioned you can try it for free so what have you got to lose?